Embroidery is one of our long time passions. We enjoy creating unique and professional thread work for our clients to share and show off.

Whether you need quick domestic embroidery or high value overseas production, Countdown Printables is your valuable source.  Embroidery facilities are located in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Chicago, and Texas, so your delivery is expedited. Standard service is 7-10 days after Sales Order and Art Proof approvals. Countdown Printables does not print customer supplied goods.  Please consult our online product catalogs or call us with your request at 818.998.8099 or toll-free at 800.619.6513. 

Logo Digitizing

Our award winning Digitizers are also teachers of the profession creating top notch results you can rely on every time. Many companies use automated software now, unfortunately, the results are not the best.  Below are some key points.

  1. Small text can be tricky so don't settle for poor quality.
  2. We minimize stitch count so your design will cost less to embroider and not be heavy.
  3. Fewer trims and proper stitch techniques create the most professional look.
  4. Understanding the limitations of embroidery enables us to achieve the best results.
  5. Rule of thumb for what detail can be held; If it does not look good drawn with your sharpest crayon, it probably won't embroider well.

There are different embroidery digitizing styles for different types of fabric. We know them all so you can be assured your logo will look good on fleece, twill, cotton, pique, performance fabrics and more.


Laser Applique

Applique Embroidery is the use of fabrics such as twill and felt in your design. This is done to reduce large stitch counts and also utilized as a design technique to achieve certain effects. Popular products for this are Hooded Sweatshirts & Jackets.

Monogramming & Specialty Threads

Personalization of products with names using our standard fonts is available. Average pricing is $5.00 per name.

Metallic Gold & Metallic Silver threads are available for most logos.

Logo Sizing

Embroidered logo sizes can vary. Below are usual sizing parameters and sewing detail limitations.

Small Text: Try to keep you text to 0.25” tall for best results.
Max Colors: 9

Left chest designs4" wide x 2.75" tall or smaller
Right chest designs4" wide by 2.75" tall or smaller
Sleeve designs3.5" wide or smaller
Cuff designs3.5" wide or smaller
Full front/back designs11" wide x 11" tall or smaller
Cap front designs2.5" tall x 6" wide or smaller
Cap back designs3.5" wide or smaller
Yoke designs6" wide or smaller

Stitch Techniques

Stitch techniques
are used to recreate your artwork as a digitized file that the embroidery machine can understand. No two digitizers will create your file the same way, it is an art. Below are images and descriptions of some more common techniques.

FillStitch.jpgFill Stitch
This type of stitch consists of a series of stitches sewn closely together to cover broad areas of embroidery. This prevents loose stitching and achieve a particular look. Fill stitching is the most dense stitch and will increase overall design stitch count by more than other types of stitching.
BeanStitch.jpgRunning Stitch
This a simple stitch also known as a bean stitch. It can be used for effect and also when small detail cannot be done using the Satin Stitch. Running Stitches can be a single row and also double or triple where the row is sewn over more than once to created a more bold look.
Puff3DEmbroidery.jpg3D Puff Embroidery
This effect is achieved by placing foam beneath the stitching to create the raised embroidery. Not all designs can be done this way. Bold objects of larger sizing are needed for this. Please consult a design specialist to see if this can be incorporated into your logo.
SatinStitch.jpgSatin Stitch
Also known as a column stitch, this is one of the most common styles. Text is usually made in this way and so are outlines that are usually 0.25" wide or more.
ZigZagStitch.jpgZig Zag Stitch
This stitch technique is used to achieve a design look and or also to reduce stitch count over large pieces of applique fabric that require embroidery at the edges.

Standard Embroidery Fonts

Heat Applied Fonts Numbers



All Star

all star 







Heat Applied Fonts Names

Colors Available 

White, Black, Brown (Dark), Bubblegum Pink, Burgundy, Columbia, Blue, Dark Green, Dolphin, Grey, Gold, Navy, Kelly Green, Maroon, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Neon Lime, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal, Texas Orange, Vegas Gold















Straight Styles



Letter Heights Available:

2", 2.5", 3"
Maximum widths of 9", 11" or 14"

1"- Maximum widths of 4", 4.5" or 5"
(Available in straight only.)


Letter Heights Available:

2", 2.5", 3"
Maximum widths of 9", 11" or 14"